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Construction CoursesConstruction ApprenticeshipsConstruction Apprenticeships 1MultiSkills Training Image 1MultiSkills Training Image 2Caution - Training in ProgressMultiSkills Training Image 3
MultiSkills Training Image 4MultiSkills Training Image 5MultiSkills Training - 1800 SkillsDanger Crane Working AheadHitachi Construction Vehicle
MultiSkills Training Image 6MultiSkills Training Image 7Caution - Forklists in UseMultiSkills Training Image 8MultiSkills Training Image 9
Forklift Training Course 2 - MultiSkillsForklift Training Course - MultiSkills
MultiSkills Training Image 10MultiSkills Training Image 11Working at Heights - MultiSkills TrainingMultiSkills Training Image 12Working at Heights Safely - MultiSkills Training
MultiSkills Training Image 13MultiSkills Training Image 14MultiSkills Training Image 15MultiSkills Training Image 16Traffic Management Training - MultiSkills
Forklift Training - MultiSkillsMultiSkills Training Image 17MultiSkills Training Image 18Traffic Management Course - MultiSkillsTraffic Management Course 2 - MultiSkills
MultiSkills Training Image 19MultiSkills Training Image 20MultiSkills Training Image 21MultiSkills Training Image 22MultiSkills Training Image 23
MultiSkills Training Image 24MultiSkills Training Image 25
MultiSkills Training Image 26MultiSkills Training Image 27MultiSkills Training Image 28

Civil Construction Courses

Take a leap forward in your career with the help of us here at MultiSkills Training. We provide a range of courses that cover everything that you could need to get started in civil construction.

The civil construction industry is always on the lookout for new sets of hands. Put yourself in the mix with one or more of our courses and get yourself certified to jump in.

Find the Civil Construction course for you with MultiSkills Training

MultiSkills Training is where you can find the training and support you need to get up to speed in any number of civil construction specialisations. With a range of full fee and government supported training, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Take a look below to find out more about our courses.

Click to find out more about our Civil Construction Courses:

About MultiSkills Training

MultiSkills Training is based in Victoria, with locations in Werribee and Geelong. We’re all about providing the best in flexible and versatile training solutions. With the full spectrum of courses across civil construction training available here with us, you’ll find what you need with MultiSkills.

If you have any questions about any of our courses, don’t hesitate to get in touch by filling out our contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For some of our more frequently encountered questions, take a look here below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cert III in civil construction?

Cert 3 refers to a particular level of certification within a specified role. A Cert 3 within Civil Construction gives you the training and knowledge to safely carry out a range of tasks around the work site. At MultiSkills Training, we provide a range of courses designed to get you trained up and certified to work in the role of your choosing.

What is civil construction plant operations?

Civil Construction – Plant Operations refers to the courses designed to get you up to speed on operating heavy machinery and plant equipment. Included in this course are six items of plant machinery being Roller, Skid Steer, Excavator, Front End Loader, Backhoe, and Dozer plus traffic management. Get in contact with MultiSkills to find out more today!

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