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Forklift Training Course 2 - MultiSkillsForklift Training Course - MultiSkills
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About Us

Vision and Mission Statement.

MultiSkills Training provides a wide range of quality training programs to the public, industry and corporate clients. At MultiSkills Training we are strongly committed to providing leading practices in vocational education and training, along with an exceptional customer focus and building strong partnerships with industry. We take great pride in our quality of training and helping our clients reach their full potential.

Empowering students to reach their full potential through:

  • High quality learning experiences using accurate, current and relevant information which encompasses quality learning and teaching practice
  • Respecting individual student needs and abilities including recognition of prior and current learning
  • Providing an environment that is free from discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • Provision of a comfortable, supportive, stimulating learning environment
  • Regular consultation with business and industry to maintain currency of training in line with industry practices and standards
  • Ensuring all staff are committed to the values and expectations of MultiSkills Training
  • Providing information to graduating students regarding employment prospects

Quality of ​Service & Flexible Training

Quality service is fundamentally important to MultiSkills Training. Ensuring that we have the best service available is our top priority. MultiSkills actively encourages feedback on our service and facilities. Combining client feedback and self assessment we are able to provide quality service. MultiSkills understand that schedules can be tight and that it may not always be convenient to come to us, which is why we offer onsite services. In most cases we can come to you, at a time and place that suits your requirements, MultiSkills can also offer forklift refresher courses onsite. Also working in conjunction with other quality service providers to bring our clients easy access to a broad range of qualifications, licences, safety training and trade recognition. By doing this we guarantee the best level of service available. MultiSkills ensures the highest level of service by:

  •     Constant self assessment
  •     Offering after-hours training at no extra charge
  •     Flexibility in our delivery – We can also come to you!
  •     Keeping up-to-date with all current legislation and industry practice
  •     All trainers and assessors are industry experts
  •     Utilising feedback from clients

Investing in You

MultiSkills want you to succeed. Our aim is to provide the best facilities and training possible to assist you in doing so. We employ only the best trainers and support staff to ensure that your training is delivered correctly and in a way you understand. Our support staff ensure that all your enquiries are handled with speed and diligence. We understand that you are your best asset. Invest in yourself: start a qualification or certification with MultiSkills to ensure you get the best return on your investment. We also invest in you by using our industry contacts to assist you where possible with employment opportunities after successful attainment of a qualification through MultiSkills.  We take great pride in our delivery of training and helping our clients reach their full potential. MultiSkills takes an active interest in ensuring you are as successful by:

  •     Helping you recognise your potential
  •     Providing tailored training solutions
  •     Providing state of the art facilities
  •     Ensuring our team are committed to the Multi Skills values
  •     Assisting you where possible to find employment after successful completion of your qualification

Trade Training Group Pty Ltd TOID 40846 Trading as MultiSkills Training

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