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Operating a forklift requires specific skills and knowledge to ensure workplace safety. If you hold a forklift licence in Victoria that is nearing its expiry date or has already expired, it is crucial to renew it to maintain your competency and keep up with regulatory requirements. In this blog, we discuss why you should renew your forklift licence and the importance of completing a forklift refresher course. 

Why Renew Your Forklift Licence

Acquiring a new forklift licence in Victoria involves successfully completing a training course through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) authorised by WorkSafe Victoria to issue High Risk Work (HRW) Licences. These HRW Licences remain valid for 5 years.

If you possess a HRW Victorian forklift licence that has expired within the past 12 months, you can renew your it through WorkSafe Victoria. Doing so demonstrates:

Compliance with Legal Obligations

In Victoria, it is a legal requirement to hold a valid forklift licence when operating a forklift in the workplace. By renewing your forklift licence, you are demonstrating your commitment to meeting regulatory obligations and ensuring a safe working environment.

Continued Operator Competence

Operating a forklift involves handling heavy loads, maneuvering in tight spaces, and navigating potentially hazardous environments. By renewing your forklift licence, you are affirming that you possess the necessary skills and knowledge to perform these tasks safely.

Enhanced Employability

Having a valid forklift licence increases your employability across industries that rely on forklift operations. Employers value individuals with up-to-date licences, as it reduces the need for additional training and ensures that workers can contribute to the workplace immediately.

The Importance of Completing a Forklift Refresher Course

If your HRW Licence has expired for a period longer than 12 months, you will be required to complete a forklift refresher course. By doing so you will gain:

Updated Knowledge and Skills

A forklift refresher course provides an opportunity to refresh your operational knowledge and skills. Courses will cover important topics including forklift operation techniques, load handling, safety regulations, and hazard identification. 

  • Staying updated with the latest practices improves your efficiency and reduces the risk of accidents.

Improved Safety Awareness

A forklift refresher course renews your knowledge of potential hazards, and equips you with strategies to mitigate risks. 

  • By completing a refresher course, you become a more safety-conscious forklift operator.

Confidence and Competence

Renewing your forklift licence through a refresher course can also boost your forklift operator confidence. Refresher courses provide participants an opportunity to practice their skills under the guidance of industry-experienced instructors. This ensures that you are competent and ready to handle any challenges that may arise in the workplace.

  • Confident and competent forklift operators are less likely to cause accidents and more likely to be efficient.

Introducing MultiSkills Training RTO 40846

If you are seeking professional forklift training, or a forklift refresher course in Melbourne and Geelong, look no further than MultiSkills Training – an RTO authorised by WorkSafe Victoria to issue High Risk Work (HRW) Licences. As a trusted and reputable RTO with facilities in Werribee and Geelong, MultiSkills Training offers comprehensive forklift courses that cater to both beginners and experienced operators.

Government Subsidised Skill Sets

The Victorian Government introduced the Skills First Skill Sets Initiative to support more Victorians to access training directly linked to immediate job opportunities and Government priorities. Contact MultiSkills Training today to find out if you are eligible. 

TLILIC0003 – Licence to operate a forklift truck – Government Skill Sets Available

This provides you with a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your skills and enhance your career prospects.

So take advantage of Government Subsidised Skill Sets available on our forklift licence courses and enrol with MultiSkills Training today. Our experienced instructors and professional facilities ensure that you receive all the support you need to unleash your potential. 

Call 1800 SKILLS and enrol today!

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