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. TheseIf you’re looking to obtain a forklift licence, it’s essential to understand the performance evidence required to complete TLILIC0003 – Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck. In this article, we’ll walk you through a summary of the performance evidence elements required to demonstrate forklift operator competence. By familiarising yourself with these requirements and adequately preparing for the assessment, you can increase your chances of obtaining your forklift licence and kick-starting a rewarding career in the logistics industry.

Knowledge of Legislative and Organisational Requirements 

One crucial aspect of TLILIC0003 is having a sound understanding of the legislative and organisational requirements related to forklift operations. This includes knowledge of relevant state or territory regulations, industry standards, and organisational policies. 

Study Tip – During the assessment, you may be asked to demonstrate your understanding of these requirements by answering theoretical questions or participating in discussions.

Pre-Operational Checks and Risk Assessments

To operate a forklift safely, you must demonstrate the ability to conduct pre-operational checks and risk assessments effectively. This includes inspecting for faults or defects, checking fluid levels, examining tires, and ensuring all safety features are working correctly. 

Study Tip – During the assessment, you may be required to demonstrate your practical skills in conducting these checks.

Manoeuvring and Operating the Forklift

Another critical performance evidence requirement is the ability to manoeuvre and operate the forklift efficiently. You must demonstrate various skills, including starting and stopping the forklift smoothly, steering and controlling the vehicle, and manoeuvring in tight spaces. 

Study Tip – The assessor will evaluate your proficiency in accelerating, decelerating, and operating the forklift safely and smoothly in different scenarios.

Load Handling and Placement 

Efficient load handling and placement are fundamental aspects of forklift operations. You must demonstrate your ability to safely lift, carry, and lower loads using the forklift’s attachments. This includes correctly positioning the forks under the load, ensuring load stability and security, and operating the controls smoothly. 

Study Tip – Your assessor will assess your skills in maneuvering with loads, placing them at specified locations, and ensuring safe load transfer.

Communication and Hazard Identification

Clear and effective communication is crucial when operating a forklift, especially in busy workplace environments. Additionally, you should be able to identify potential hazards and take necessary precautions to prevent accidents.

Study Tip – During the assessment, you will need to demonstrate your ability to use appropriate hand signals, horn signals, and verbal communication to coordinate with other personnel, such as pedestrians or spotters. 

Emergency Procedures and Incident Management 

In the event of an emergency or incident, forklift operators need to be prepared and capable of taking appropriate actions. The assessment may include questions or scenarios related to emergency procedures, such as responding to fires, accidents, or equipment failures. 

Study Tip – You should be familiar with emergency shutdown procedures, evacuation protocols, and how to report incidents promptly.

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Completing TLILIC0003 and obtaining a forklift licence requires thorough preparation and demonstration of the necessary performance evidence. By mastering the key elements discussed in this article, you can showcase your competence as a forklift operator.

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