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Give Your Career Prospects A Boost With An EWP Licence

Look over a building and construction site on any given day, and one of the critical pieces of equipment you are likely to see is an Elevated Work Platform (EWP). These versatile machines enable qualified professionals to reach areas that were once inaccessible to complete essential construction and maintenance tasks. Today, EWPs are employed across various industries outside traditional building and construction. This makes an EWP licence a powerful gateway to exciting new job opportunities, increased earning potential, and a safer, more fulfilling work environment. Let’s briefly dive into the world of EWPs and discover how EWP Ticket training can help you reach new heights in your career.

What is an EWP?

EWPs are aerial work platforms, boom lifts, or scissor lifts. They are mobile platforms that elevate workers and equipment to perform tasks at heights. 

Types of EWP Training and Licences

The type of EWP training and licence required varies depending on the platform you intend to operate.

Here’s a breakdown of the common categories:

In this blog we’ll focus on TLILIC0005 – Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more). Should you wish to know more about the other EWP courses available, please click on the links above or visit the websites below for comprehensive information:



What is involved in TLILIC0005?

TLILIC0005 is a unit of competency within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) that signifies the skills and knowledge required to safely operate a boom-type elevating work platform (EWP) with a boom length of 11 meters or more. This unit targets individuals working in various industries where elevated access is necessary, including construction, maintenance, electrical work, landscaping, and more.

This comprehensive course covers four key elements, each containing a range of criteria to, ensure you possess the necessary understanding to operate EWPs safely and effectively. The criteria in each element includes (but are not limited to):

1 – Plan Work / Task: 

  • Identify task requirements, assess work area suitability, check EWP capabilities, establish operational paths, implement risk controls, confirm traffic management, and determine communication procedures. Ensuring a work plan aligns with site requirements.

2 – Prepare Work / Task: 

  • Maintain consultation, verify risk control measures, inspect and use safety equipment, access EWP safely, conduct pre-start checks, start and check for abnormal noises, position and stabilise EWP as per work plan, perform operational checks, test all platform controls, report and rectify any damage/defects, review EWP logbook, and assess weather and environmental conditions.

3 – Perform Work / Task: 

  • Verify implementation of hazard prevention/control measures, safely locate EWP at point of work, position platform for tasks, monitor operations constantly, stow and secure tools/gear, operate EWP safely, respond to unplanned situations, interpret and follow communication signals, safely access and egress platform, and park/switch off/isolate EWP appropriately.

4 – Pack Up: 

  • Conduct post-operational checks, retract/stow/secure boom, disconnect safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE), apply locks/brakes as required, stow/secure outriggers/stabilisers/plates/packing, and shut down EWP according to procedures.

For a comprehensive description of all performance criteria, please visit – 


Why is TLILIC0005 training essential?

TLILIC0005 training is essential for several critical reasons:


  • Reduces Accidents and Injuries: Elevated work platforms (EWPs) pose inherent risks when incorrectly operated. TLILIC0005 training equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to operate these machines safely. This helps minimise the risk of accidents, falls, and injuries.
  • Prioritises Safe Work Practices: EWP training emphasises safe work practices, including risk assessment, hazard identification and control, emergency procedures, and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). This knowledge helps individuals work safely and protects themselves and others from harm.
  • Fosters a Safety Culture: TLILIC0005 training contributes to a positive safety culture in workplaces where EWPs are used by promoting safety awareness and best practices. This collaborative approach to safety benefits everyone involved and creates a safer working environment.

Competency and Employability:

  • Demonstrates Competence: A TLILIC0005 licence verifies an individual’s competence in operating boom-type EWPs exceeding 11 meters. This demonstrates their understanding of safety regulations, operational procedures, and emergency protocols, making them highly valuable to potential employers.
  • Increases Job Opportunities: By acquiring this specialised skill set, individuals unlock access to a broader range of jobs utilising EWPs across various industries. This opens doors to exciting career opportunities and allows them to specialise in a sought-after field.
  • Enhances Earning Potential: EWP operators are in high demand due to their specialised skills. Earning a TLILIC0005 licence can significantly increase earning potential and open doors to higher-paying positions.

Legal Compliance:

  • Meets Regulatory Requirements: In many jurisdictions, including Australia, operating a boom-type EWP exceeding 11 meters legally requires a High-Risk Work License (HRWL). TLILIC0005 training is a prerequisite for obtaining this licence, ensuring compliance with legal regulations and workplace safety standards.
  • Protects Employers: By ensuring their employees are adequately trained and licenced, employers can mitigate legal risks associated with workplace accidents and demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a safe working environment.

Who should enrol in an EWP Licence course?

TLILIC0005 training is ideal for individuals seeking to work across various industries. Some specific groups who would benefit greatly from this training include:

  • Construction workers looking to expand their skills and take on more advanced roles.
  • Maintenance technicians who need to access elevated areas for repair and installation tasks.
  • Electricians requiring a safe platform for working on power lines and other electrical infrastructure.
  • Landscaping professionals who need to reach high branches and perform tree maintenance.
  • Warehouse employees responsible for stocking and retrieving items from high shelves.
  • Event setup and production personnel working with sound systems, lighting, and decorations.
  • Anyone interested in a career in industries that rely heavily on EWPs, such as window cleaning, signage installation, and building inspections.

How can I enrol in a Working Safely At Heights Course with MultiSkills Training?

At MultiSkills, we’re dedicated to unleashing your potential. We equip our learners with the knowledge and skills to confidently enter the workforce and thrive in their chosen fields.

Getting your EWP ticket through MultiSkills is a breeze! Simply reach out to our knowledgeable team through our contact page, call us at 1800SKILLS, or you can enrol online here

Our friendly staff are here to guide you every step of the way, supporting your journey towards a rewarding career.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What course entry requirements are there?

  • To enrol in TLILIC0005, you will need:
    • To be able to comprehend English confidently 
    • Have a USI Number (Unique Student Identifier)
    • Wear safety footwear (enclosed shoes).
  • Students are also required to complete pre-training study material supplied by MultiSkills Training.

How long does the course go for, and is there an age restriction on enrollment?

  • TLILIC0005 is a two-day course open to people aged 18 years and over.

Is there any EWP Training Near Me?

  • Training takes place at our Werribee and Geelong facilities:
To ensure you obtain up-to-date course information, visit our Working at heights course page at

So If you have ever gazed up at a towering construction project, a majestic tree canopy, or a sprawling warehouse and dreamt of being the one working at its peak, Elevated Work Platform Training is just the ticket for you. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking to expand your skill set or someone starting a career journey, enrol in a MultiSkills Elevated Work Platform Training course today.

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