Excavators are machines that are commonly used on building, civil construction and landfill sites. Operation of an excavator requires a certificate of competency. In this excavator course, you will learn the skills needed to conduct excavator operations.

Over the course of your excavator training, you’ll learn a number of valuable and imperative skills needed for the secure and proficient handling of excavators. This includes planning and preparing; conducting machine pre-operational checks; operating the machine; lifting, carrying and placing materials; selecting, removing and fitting attachments; relocating the machine; carrying out machine operator maintenance and cleaning up. Our courses are specially designed to teach students to work safely and efficiently so that they can succeed throughout their career.

This course will teach you the skills to:

  • Operate the excavator and use attachments
  • Understand excavator types and characteristics
  • Understand excavator capabilities and limitations
  • Calculate safe working loads
  • Interpret drawings and sketches
  • Apply site and equipment safety requirements
  • Carry out basic earthworks calculation

Earn your qualification with MultiSkills

The teachings and assessment for the excavator training course by MultiSkills will take 3 days to complete and will include written activities, verbal questions, observation and practical demonstration. Learning a new skill always takes some time and adjustment, but you can be sure that you’ll feel confident in your excavator operating abilities after learning the ropes from our qualified industry experts. Remember, if you’re not sure about anything all you have to do is ask your instructors to help you – that’s what they’re there for.

As an accredited provider, MultiSkills is committed to ensuring student proficiency and satisfaction. If you’re interested in completing an excavator course with MultiSkills, get in touch with our expert team via our contact page or give us a call on 1800SKILLS.

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Dump Truck

“I learnt how to drive all of the equipment, excavator, dozer, front-end loader and backhoe, it was really good.”



“Just give it a go, if its something you want to do just have the confidence to try it”



“It is all about competence and making sure we have all the skills necessary to drive the forklift safely. Looking out for oneself and especially others.”

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