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Do I Need A Qualification To Become A Traffic Controller?

To perform the duties of a Traffic Controller on Victorian roads, individuals must complete an accredited Traffic Controller Course. It is mandatory for those operating as Traffic Controllers to carry a valid Traffic Controller’s Statement of Attainment (a traffic control ticket in Victoria), which indicates their accreditation details. 

This document must always be kept on hand while performing Traffic Controller duties. If requested, the Traffic Controller’s Statement of Attainment must be promptly presented to authorised personnel, including Police officers, WorkSafe officers, VicRoads officers, Municipal Council Authorized Officers, or the person in charge of a worksite or their delegate. This ensures compliance with regulations and facilitates efficient oversight of Traffic Control operations to maintain safety and uphold standards.

How Do I Qualify To Become A Traffic Controller?

Whilst there are no mandated prerequisites, a few selection criteria and qualification requirements exist.

  • All participants must successfully engage in basic language, literacy and numeracy in English
  • Applicants must be physically capable of meeting all course and work demands
  • Complete both RIIWHS205E – Control traffic with stop-slow bat and RIIWHS302E – Implement traffic management plans.
  • Complete a refresher traffic management course every three years

What Do These Traffic Controller Courses Involve?

In Victoria, all Traffic Controllers must complete two courses related to traffic control management: RIIWHS205E – Control traffic with stop-slow bat and RIIWHS302E – Implement traffic management plans.

RIIWHS205E provides training on effectively controlling traffic using a stop-slow bat, a crucial tool for maintaining road safety. Participants learn essential skills such as proper hand signals, communication techniques, and the ability to direct traffic flow in a controlled manner. By completing this course, individuals gain the necessary knowledge to safely manage traffic situations and ensure vehicles and pedestrians’ smooth and orderly movement.

RIIWHS302E focuses on implementing traffic management plans. Participants acquire skills in developing and executing comprehensive traffic management strategies for various work sites and events. This course covers assessing hazards, determining appropriate control measures, and communicating the plan to stakeholders. This training gives individuals the knowledge and competencies to create safe and efficient traffic management systems.

Both courses are essential for individuals working in Victoria’s traffic control and management roles. Qualified professionals can maintain road safety and ensure the smooth flow of vehicles and pedestrians.

Enrol In A Traffic Control Management Course

Our traffic control management course integrates two units of competency: Control Traffic with Stop/Slow Bat and Implement Traffic Management Plans. 

Upon completing this comprehensive traffic controller course, you’ll gain essential skills in implementing traffic management plans, controlling traffic with stop and slow bats, setting up control equipment, and effectively using signs and devices to direct and coordinate traffic in work zones, traffic guidance schemes, or road works. Upon completing this course, you will qualify for your traffic management ticket in Victoria. 

Government Subsidised Skill Set is currently available on our combined Traffic Control Course (RIIWHS205E – Control traffic with stop-slow bat, and RIIWHS302E – Implement traffic management plans). 

So contact MultiSkills Training on 1800 754 557 to enquire about your eligibility and traffic management course enrolment today.

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